Document Management

nPulse DMS is functionally designed to capture project information from liaison to design, and procurement to execution. The agile module offers effortless access and friction-free collaboration to meet the varied demands of extended construction teams. The document management system links document commitments to schedule and reduces misalignment between commitments and expectations.

Document Management with Version Control:

nPulse DMS maintains the sanctity of documents in project management information system (PMIS). It enables effortless tracking of multiple documents and end-user workflow configuration, while maintaining robust access control and privacy of conversations. 

Key features: Document creation | Version control | Viewers | Workflows | Transmittal | Alerts | Access Control | Search | Link to Schedule

Schedule Management
Integrated Project Schedule monitors end to end project management from planning to design and execution with a reliable project flow. The schedule management module interconnects multiple data silos for forward time impact and align teams and processes.

End to End Project Management with Version Control
nPulse Schedule management is a sector-agnostic module that bi-directionally inter-operates with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, or Trimble Tilos. Advanced Earned Value Analysis(EVA) progressively elaborate schedules for effortless execution. The versatile and native CPM engine runs in classic, production, predictive mode with advanced options for what-if scenario analysis. Schedule management is seamlessly linked to mobile platforms with access control for distributed data entry(DDE) to help external and internal field personnel to proceed project plans and alert risks and delays.

Key features: Schedule Import | Schedule Update & Archive | Task and WBS level RBAC | Task alerts with escalation | Native CPM engine | Approval of field updates | Auto-generation of progress reports

Budget Management
Budget management in the BOQ module is designed to keep track of the budget evolutions through the project lifecycle. With ability to keep track of multiple budgets each linked to different schedules, it offers unique capabilities to monitor budget variations and to track forward looking annual and strategic business plans tied to operational metrics.

Project Lifecycle Budget Management
As an efficient project lifecycle cost management (PLCM) solution, nPulse allows planners and decision makers in project controls to get rid of spreadsheet based trackers for keeping track of various budget from concept to approved to final and keep track of variations, produce revenue and cost projects and earned value metrics in near real time for management review. The solution has built in reports for project and portfolio level earned value analysis, cash and revenue projections as part of annual business planning. Unique capabilities to link each budget to its correlated schedule (baseline, current, forecast etc.).

Key features: Multiple Budget Import | Link Budgets to Schedule | Earned Value Analysis | Budget Variation Monitoring | Cash and Revenue Projections | Annual Business Plan Reports | Earned Value Analysis

BOQ Management

BOQ module eliminates discrepancies between owner and contractors with a single source of information for contractual quantities and rates. Linked to schedule, the module synchronously monitor material and financial progress based on field updates. It efficiently track changes to strategic business plans in sync with back end ERP systems and operational metrics.

Project Lifecycle BOQ Management:

As a project lifecycle cost management (PLCM) solution, BOQ saves project teams (planners, billing engineers, owner, PMC, and contractors) from complexities of spreadsheet-based trackers. The module efficiently records BOQ based financial progress and contract variations from RFIs and Change Orders. Transparent processes and task accountability eases miscommunication between teams and reduce risks. BOQs can be converted to constituent materials and resources through bill-of-material (BOM) coefficients to produce just-in-time material procurement and labour mobilization plan.

Key features: BOQ Import | BOQ Variations | BOQ to Budget Link | BOQ to Schedule Link | BOQ to BOM link | Alerts | Change Management | BOQ CTC Report | DPR Report | Billing Report

Project Lifecycle Budget Management

The Budget management solution has built-in reports for project and portfolio level earned value analysis, cash and revenue projections as part of annual business planning. The function links each budget to its correlated schedule (baseline, current, forecast etc.)

Key features: Multiple Budget Import | Link Budgets to Schedule | Earned Value Analysis | Budget Variation Monitoring | Cash and Revenue Projections | Annual Business Plan Reports | Earned Value Analysis

Material Management

nPulse material management schedule prevents misalignment between back-office procurement (from ERP systems) vs field office material requirements (from site stores). Linked to real-time schedule changes using BOM coefficients, material module enables projects for just-in-time procurement. The module efficiently calculates theoretical vs actual use of construction materials to transforms projects for proactive procurement and budget control.

Materials Analysis & Monitoring on Mobile

nPulse aligns onsite schedules and automate procurements linked to schedule. It eliminates information latency from site stores to central procurement and tracks long lead items through various logistics touchpoints for forward-looking visibility. The module transform project teams to mitigating expensive delays caused by material shortage and expensive premium procurement. Each tasks from risk management to cost and time saving is made possible on a mobile platform.

Key features: Material Import | Track Material Logistics | Track onsite Material Receipts/Consumption | Material Reconciliation | Lookahead Reports | Analytics Dashboards

Resource Management

nPulse Resource module is versatile to handle all construction labour management and PMV (plant, machinery, vehicle) utilization issues. Tied to schedule management through productivity metrics, the system allows for projecting resource requirements based on real-time schedule changes. Independent contractor commitments for labour can be planned and monitored while portfolio analytics help efficient project controls in the future.

Resource Monitoring & Productivity Analytics:

nPulse provides a platform for forward-looking integrated resource mobilization for effective front office management without misalignments and delays. Project teams are equipped to report daily labour and equipment issues, manage resources, field assignments, efficiently from their smartphones. The module performs a theoretical Vs actual labour productivity reconciliation to mitigate time delays and labour management.

Key Features: Resource Import | Resource Planning | Daily Labor Report | Productivity Metrics | Lookahead Resource Histogram | Gang Management | Biometrics Integration

Subcontractor Management

nPulse BOQ module offers unique capabilities to link the contractual schedule of values and BOQ revenue line items to subcontractor cost line items. Based on contract and project types, projects can have cost rollup to revenue based on rules. nPulse gives project Owners and EPC contractors never before capabilities to link cost, revenue, and physical progress with a single digital thread.

Project Lifecycle Cost Management:

nPulse enables subcontractors with project progress updates, budget management, revenue and material management on mobile without data entry duplication. Being an efficient PLCM (project lifecycle cost management) solution, the module tracks subcontractor and labour progress on a daily basis by eliminating information latency between field and back office.

Key features: Subcontractor Import | Subcontractor Export | Link BOQ to Subcon Line Items | Cost to Revenue Rollup | Productivity Metrics

Issue Management

nPulse issue management permits location based end to end issue tracking and minimises manual intervention in tasks. The module keeps track of communication history and proactively alert responsible role/personnel on ensuring timely collaboration across various project stakeholders (Owner, PMC, Consultants, and Contractors).

Cross Collaboration to Integrate Silos:

Issue management integrates information scattered across, to mitigate risks and for faster project delivery. The intuitive interface brings together users from various location to monitor a single issue or report raised. The versatile module with extensive customization capabilities is linked to schedule for forward-looking time and cost indicators.

Key features: Issue Create & Manage | Issue Categories | Issue priority | RBAC at category/issue level | Privacy of conversation | Alerts based on frequency | Escalation based on rules | Workflows to automate closure | Custom forms | Link to schedule | Reports | Dashboards

Meeting Management

nPusle is designed for efficient meeting management to improve productivity and save time and cost. It monitors  design management, procurement decision making and overall construction progress. The module ensures seamless project coordination, commitments tracking, and creating reliability in flow of decisions. nPulse meeting management module is proved to have improved productivity by 15% and reduced task closure time by 80%.

Meeting Management with Trust and Transparency:

nPulse enhances productivity or teams by auto generating agenda and minutes. The user friendly module enables every role (Owner, PMC, Consultants, and Contractors and from field supervisor to CXO) to set meeting agenda, making it a collaborative platform for decision making. Project coordinators can schedule and manage project agendas to proactively monitor and respond to system generated alerts. Transparency is ensured by retaining task and agenda history through project lifecycle. The access control dashboards produce Lookahead issues, critical issues, turnaround analysis and reports through smart analytics.

Key features: Key features: Schedule Meetings | Auto-generate Agenda | Preview minutes | Auto distribute minutes | Auto distribute to-do lists | Schedule recurring meetings | Attach supporting docs

Quality Management

nPulse Quality module intutively manages quality audit and quality control to digitize quality processes.  Ability to link quality process to schedule and 3D models allow for integrated activity based element level quality inspections. Actionable alerts, analytical reports and dashboards provide insights in project and portfolio quality to mitigate expensive rework due to poor quality control.

Digitized Quality Control: Configurable inspection checklists allow projects to create checklists for their projects while standardizing them for the business. Configurable forms for NCs and Observations allow for all project stakeholders to collaborate on a single view of project quality. Mobile first management of quality increases productivity and eliminates redundant paperwork and spreadsheet based trackers.

Key features: Import checklists | Manage NC and Observations | Link Quality to Schedule | Link Quality to Elements | Auto-generation of Inspection Reports | Analytical Quality Dashboards

Safety Management

nPulse provides capabilities to manage safety audit and capture safety non-conformances and observations to digitize safety metrics. The data can be used for analytical reports and dashboards provide insights for improving safety performance metrics at project and portfolio level.

Digitized Safety Management: Configurable safety checklists allow organizations to standardize safety SOPs for their projects and portfolio. Configurable forms for NCs and Observations allow for all project stakeholders to record and mitigate safety violations. Mobile based field management of safety increases productivity and eliminates manual spreadsheet based trackers.

Key features: Import checklists | Manage NC and Observations | Auto-generation of Inspection Reports | Safety Dashboards


nPulse Dashboards is a configurable and personalizable dashboards for every role that provides each stakeholder with project and portfolio metrics based on their role and responsibility. nPulse dashboards is designed to provide near real-time forward looking lead indicators based on project performance. Unique capabilities to show forward looking time and cost impact based on a digital thread that inter-connects various data silos. Actionable dashboards allow to drill down into root cause of each metric or KPI displayed in the dashboard widget.

Key project and portfolio status including EVM metrics, visual progress, lookahead constraints, root cause analysis of schedule delay can be configured for every type of project where data is available.

Key features: Configurable layout | Extensible layout | Personalizable | Publish to every role | Printable


nPulse automates generation of all project related reports. Reports can be auto-distributed to all stakeholders based on their requirement for information. Solution has flexibility in the layout and file formats for the reports.

Reports: Typical project reports like daily progress report, daily labor report, material stock report, cost-to-complete report, quality inspection report, meeting minutes, and numerous other reports auto-generated to a configuration that is unique to each project and organization

Key features: Schedule report | Reminder | Escalation | Archives