Strategic choice between Lean or Agile strategy for Construction industry

In today’s global competitive environment, companies are making constant efforts to improve their productivity, profitability and gain competitive advantage by offering quality products right first time, at the right cost and right price. For achieving these benefits, management is highly engaged in improvement of their in-house operations, adopting processes and latest technologies and integrating their [...]

Despatch from the Benches V – BIM is not 3D CAD

Building Informaton Modelling or BIM is a rising trend in the construction technology space now. A lot of companies are looking to BIM as a way to improve their operations as promised by the vendors of BIM authoring tools. In a lot of cases, these companies likely already have ERP systems. ERP systems also were [...]

From Chaos to Clarity – Bringing Order Out of Chaos in a Construction Supply Chain

Edward Lorenz, a Mathematician and a Meteorologist (!), developed a system of equations, which when given different values produces different shapes of graphs. The signifance of these equations is that even for a small change in the input parameters, the output, when plotted in a graph, changes enormously. Among these chaotic graphs, one stands out, [...]

Despatch from the Trenches XV – A Gemba walk a week might save you in millions

“Definition: A Gemba (and sometimes Genba) walk is the term used to describe personal observation of work – where the work is happening. The original Japanese term comes from gembutsu, which means “real thing.” It also sometimes refers to the “real place.”
Lean experts will tell you that the best way to learn about what to improve by way [...]

One for the geeks : Enhanced DualListField of GXT – Usability mortar

Most of our blog posts thus far have been about construction, lean thinking, and project management. Lest we forget that the reason why we have the opportunity to go to all these places and learn about this industry is our flagship solution nPulse, I think it’s time someone from the development team got a voice [...]

All I needed to know about how to run a meeting, I learnt from shopping

I did some shopping last week. I forgot the shopping list and went to the supermarket, and the result was:

I bought stuff that I still had
I forgot stuff that I really needed
And the shopping took twice as long

If I had [...]

How We Doubled Concrete Productivity

A stitch in time saves nine, or how we doubled our productivity

The Sob Story of Mr. BizMeet

You say I am the most important person in a business. Without me projects won’t get done on time. I help in getting the statuses of critical milestones in a project. Some of you want me every day. Others say I should be present once a week, or at the very least, once a month. But I am received with mixed feelings. Some companies welcome me with open arms while others are put off by my presence. I am generally branded as “boring”!

Professional Friendship

In business, I think it is not always about liking people, it’s about being able to trust – and work – with them.

Despatch from the Trenches XIV – The Item Rate Fallacy – Are We Missing A Point?

In which we show general contractors and subcontractors the money…

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